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Last Updated: February 1st, 2017
Another fresh week and time for us to bring you a brand new and hot bad boy bondage video. We did tell you you’d get to see more of them, so here’s another one that you get to watch. And as you fully know by this time, the site here always aims to bring to you the hottest and best gay studs playing dirty with one another in all manners of superb BDSM scenes. This place is the best place to come and drop by to enjoy the action. Well we know you’re eager to see our two new guys getting kinky today so let’s get their superbly hot and steamy badboybondage scene going this afternoon as well so that you may see them in action.

The black stud gets to be on the receiving end in this one and from the start you can see that he as already tied up. As the dom gets to play around with his hard black pole, you can hear the guy moaning in pleasure. But then the dom pulls out the candle wax too and starts to drip it on the guy’s chest as he still jacks him off. This was just part one of the whole thing though, as the dome had some more things planned for him. Like teasing his nipples with some current to. Something that this black sub enjoyed even better than the handjob. Have fun just like always, and until then, check out the past scenes too for even more incredible content!

Watch here this twink getting covered in hot wax!

Bad Boy Bondage Video – You Are My Bitch #4

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome as usual to some new bad boy bondage scenes. Today we have a special update for you as it’s not your usual gallery that has a collection of selected naughty images featuring these hot studs playing naughty with one another in some BDM scenes. No, this one is a video and you can bet that many more like this will follow from now on mixed around the other updates. And this scene? well you may have seen it last week, but not in this way. So once more we bring you back the two guys that were having some S&M for the cameras and we bet you’ll grow to adore the pair even more this afternoon!

We always make sure to bring you the best badboybondage guys in our scenes and this pair was amazing last time we got to see them. that’s mainly the reason why today they got to come back. Anyway, enjoy the show once more as the guy gets tied in the same way and punished in the same way for being a bad and naughty stud by the black guy. Watch him moan in pleasure as he enjoys the flogging he’s getting and later in the video you get to see him on his belly getting that ass whipped as well. He loved his rough treatment today too and we’re sure we’ll see these two in more future updates too, but until then, have fun with them today!

Check out this guy getting receiving a rough treatment!

You’re My Bitch

Well here we are yet again and we have a new bad boy bondage scene all ready for you to see. You will recall the master in this scene as the same one that you got to see in a few scenes in the past and today he’s bringing back another one of his fuck buddies to experience some S&M pleasing first hand. Of course the cameras captured all the good stuff that went down in this hot gay BDSM scene and you get front row seats to the whole show as usual. So let’s just take our time to see the stud and his buddy enjoying themselves in this afternoon badboybondage scene without any sort of delays. We know you want to check it out too!

Well, the first step is as always securing the person to the little table there and start teasing them. Something that this new guy really enjoyed. Then he got his cock and balls tied up and suspended from some ropes and weights and it seems he’s a natural as all of this just serves to turn him on even more. Man can this dom really pick them can’t he? Well you can see his abdomen getting flogged as well by the master’s whip as he moans in pleasure. All of this getting tied up and flogged stuff was getting him rock hard and before they were done, the master made sure to release his sub’s load too. Have your fun and see you next week with new content! If you can’t wait until then, visit the site and see some hot guys getting naked!


Watch here this twink getting tied up and flogged!

Bad Boy Bondage – Tye and Whiskey

Welcome back once more guys. We have a new bad boy bondage scene here like always and you get to see it first. You will recall the room used in this scene as the same that appeared some updates ago when Bruno starred in it and we forgot to mention that the guy’s dom at the time was Tye, the guy that gets to be the dom in this one as well. Well today he got his hands on another naughty little man slut by the nickname Whiskey and he plans to play around with that body of his for a nice and long duration in this simply stunning scene today. Let’s get around to see the show without beating around the proverbial bush any longer shall we?

bad-boy-bondage-tye-and-whiskey The badboybondage show starts off like you’d expect. With this S&M master dragging his little man slut for the afternoon by his collar. And then he has him laying on the black leather table of sorts as he removes that collar but instead now starts to tie him up with nice and silky white ropes to the said table. And as he lifts him up the guy gets to feel Tye’s candle wax starting to drip on his chest and belly as Tye also plays with his cock. You can bet that before this all ws over, Whiskey got to shoot a massive load all over himself in excitement as well. See you all again soon with more and meanwhile enjoy this superbly hot update! Until then, visit the site and see some male celebrities exposing their fit bodies!

Check out this twink getting tied up and fucked!

Taught A Lesson

Well here we are again with another new bad boy bondage scene for you and it’s all hot and ready to be showed off. This time however, we have a special update to show you. You usually see just two guys with one taking the lead and the other getting to put up his ass for a fucking. Well this time we have an all out gay fuck fest with no less than three guys, one of which might we add, was packing a nice and big black dick too. And there’s no real S&M play for this one. Well maybe if you count the guy that gets to be on the receiving end his lesson for being naughty. Either way, this badboybondage scene is one that you just have to see today!

Like we said, the punishee gets to be pleased a bit in the begginging by the other two. So check him out having his cock sucked and his tender lips kissed by the other two in preparation for the next bit. And now he gets to do what you came here to see. See the black guy spreading those long legs to have an easier access to that fine tight ass, and meanwhile, the other dude, makes him suck and slurp on his hard cock. And throughout this whole thing, the guy was jacking off as well. The stud ends up covered in sticky jizz after he got himself a thorough and deep fucking this afternoon. He knew from the beginning that its gonna hurt. But he loved it! So have fun watching the entire video update! See you all next week with another glorious scene!


Enjoy watching this twink getting his holes stuffed!

One Trapped Bruno

Another fresh week and time to see one new and hot bad boy bondage update. As you know, this site is the best spot to check out some kinky gay bondage scene and you can find one here every single week. And if you’re just joining us than that still applies and you need to get ready to be blown away by the simply superb gay studs getting to have some S&M fun around this place. This week’s scene features the hot muscled stud Bruno getting himself tied up as well as the sub and getting his body teased throughout the badboybondage scene by the dom. So let’s get it rolling and see what kind of fun the two of them ended up having!

bad-boy-bondage-one-trapped-bruno As the cameras start to roll, Bruno comes in first and lays on the black leather covered table. This dom follows suite as this is his little private sex dungeon and he has it decorated accordingly with all kinds of superb and sexy equipment too. As he kisses and caresses Bruno’s lips and body, he straps the guy’s feet and hands to the table and busts out the whip. So watch kinky Bruno moaning as he gets flogged for a good while and then his cock gets to have all the attention from the dom as well. So just sit back and have fun watching his his first gay sex video!. We’ll be sure to bring you more to see in next week’s update as well if you drop by. Bye bye!

Watch here this twink getting flogged!

Bad Boy Bondage – Mikeal and Chad

This week’s scene is full of bad boy bondage and it’s all here for you to enjoy again. It seems that a lot of you guys had fun seeing the hot wax play in the previous updates and we wanted to bring you another scene like that this fine day here. So we have Mikeal, the black stud as the dom in this one and his tattooed buddy Chad as the sub. Chad gets to be all tied up and toyed with by Mikeal for your viewing pleasure. But don’t worry as Mikeal has tons of experience with this kind of stuff and it’s the main reason why Chad dropped by his place today in the first place. So let’s get the badboybondage show on the road again without any delays!

As soon as it begins, the hot stud Chad gets his hans and feet bound in a comfy position to the big metal hexagon in that kinky sex dungeon. And Mikeal busts out some oils as well as the first bit involves him touching that body all over and gently massaging him. Well the real show begins soon as the black guy starts to stroke the guy’s hard cock fast and hard and then he busts out the candle. See him jacking Chad off today while he pours hot wax on his chest and belly and see that making Chad climax and blow his load all over too. It was a great experience for Chad and we’re sure for you too, so come back soon for more naughty updates! Check out the site if you wanna see some gorgeous male celebrities showing off their incredible hot bodies!


See this twink receiving a rough treatment!

Masters Wants To Play

Today’s bad boy bondage scene gets to feature even more hot bondage scenes that you can see and enjoy and we have the hot stud Masters as he gets to be the dom. His buddy is always down to let him enjoy taking his time to play with that body of his. And their time together this afternoon involved a nice and big wooden pole of sorts. That’s because Masters wanted to tie his buddy to it for this scene and then take his time to play with his body for the rest of the scene while he was all tied up to it. So let’s get the show rolling as we bet that you are all eager to see this hot badboybondage update without any more delays here.


When the cameras roll we’re already down in Master’s little sex dungeon and things seem to be going underway already. The guy gets tied up and strapped in to the wooden thing and Masters starts his teasing session. First just by touching and caressing, then some spanking too and it seems that the sub was getting excited at the whole thing, with his cock getting rock hard. Well, now you can check out Masters going down on his buddy and sucking on his cock with a passion like you haven’t seen to date. Enjoy seeing the sub blowing his load all over the place too when it all ends. Great scene with great studs. For similar stuff enter the Japan Boyz blog and see some hot Japanese twinks getting sprayed with cum and riding cocks! We’ll see you soon with another new collection of images!

Enjoy watching this twink getting tied up and pleased!

Latin Punishment

Hi again everyone, welcome back to more all new and all fresh bad boy bondage scenes. We know how much you’ve been enjoying these past scenes with the hot studs and their S&M sex sessions and rest assured that we intend to bring you many many more scenes like that in the future. Well this one’s quite superb in itself as you get to see a black pairing getting to fuck in it and it’s nothing short of impressive. This one of the black studs gets to be the dom and his sex slave is all at his mercy for the whole duration of this delicious scene that we have here. So let’s get on with this hot and superb badboybondage scene and see it through!

The cameras start to roll and of course we again get to see a new and well maintained sex dungeon that the two have. The sub straight away gets to please his master and you get to see him sucking that black cock like he’d be enjoying some tasty black chocolate, and to some degree, he technically is. Well take your time to see him bending over the apparatus they had going there and see that ass ready for some action as well. To start off, the guy gets to stretch out his tight ass with a nice and big dildo and only after that butt was ready you get to see him fucking that tight hole with his mighty black cock as well. Like the guys from the manavenue blog, these hot hunks are crazy about getting ass fucked in front of the video camera, so have fun with it! See you very soon!


Take a look at this twink getting his ass stretched!

Bad Boy Bondage – Calvin Collins

Hey there guys, time to check out this week’s all new and all fresh bad boy bondage update. Since you guys just love seeing doms and subs fucking so much around here we have one scene that’s going to be very much to your liking. Today we get to visit the little sex dungeon of these two twinks and naturally you can check them out having some pretty hard style sex on camera for you to check out and see today. So let’s get the show moving without any more delays as you just have to check out this new badboybondage scene out and check the pair out in action. And we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the least with it!

bad-boy-bondage-calvin-collins They usually rotate between takinh the role of the dom and sub, and when one gets to lead he gets to wear that leather mask. As the guy puts it on and gets naked, his naked fuck buddy takes his spot on the little fucking table belly down. And then the masked guy ties him up nicely. Watch the guy getting his ass hole teased and probe with toys until the dom is ready to start fucking him and once that’s ready, you get to see that cock plunged balls deep in the ass. See the guy moaning loudly in pleasure while he gets his thorough anal fucking and enjoy the view in this gallery. We’ll be seeing you again soon with another new update! Also you can join the site and watch a horny hunk getting covered with creamy loads of warm and sticky cum! Have fun!

Take a look at this submissive slave getting fucked hard!

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